Friday, February 17, 2017

All Hands Meeting, 17th Feb, 2017, Bangalore

Welcome Speech, by Sudipto Das.

Hello everyone, I would like to welcome you all to the first All Hands Meeting of 2017.

We’ve all assembled here today, in this wonderful evening, not only to celebrate one fabulous and exciting year of Mindlance Technologies. We’ve come here to take a resolution that we’ll together transform the small steps we’ve taken a little more than a year back into a big journey.

Little more than a year back, we have ignited big hopes; we’ve started seeing big dreams. We’re here today to add to our determination that we will convert our dreams and hopes to a reality.

Every big thing in the world, be it success or failure, is always a story. But it’s not the beginning or the end of the story that makes anything big. It’s always the journey, it’s always the way the story evolves, it’s always the experiences we acquire along the journey that makes it big. As they say, it’s not what we do, it’s always how we do. There were many MP3 players before iPod. Steve Jobs didn’t create anything new. But what made iPod and later iPhone legends is not what Apple did, but how they did.

It’s always how the story unfolds that makes a story great, not the histrionics of the heroes, or how dramatic the climax is. This evening we will hear about how the story of Mindlance Technologies has been unfolding. Let me talk about the seed thought which eventually germinated into the sapling called Mindlance Technologies.

In 2015, a software major showed interest in acquiring a design services company in semiconductors – this created a flutter in the industry. A closer study revealed that it was a very logical step because at the same time there was a lot of buzz around IoT. People realized that software and hardware had to converge to create an IoT solution – that was exactly what the software major was after – acquiring end to end expertise needed for IoT.

Mindlance Inc saw good opportunity in the same space. They were already working for some of the biggest logos in automobile, healthcare, oil & gas, telecom & semiconductors – all major prospective players in IoT. It made sense for them to create a platform which can bring all these majors together. Mindlance Technologies was created as a first step to acquire the right skills and expertise in the space of Compute, Connectivity and Content – the three main pillars of IoT.

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