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Domains & Services

Fast changing with the congregation of mobile communications and consumer electronics, semiconductor has touched billions of people, making their lives easier, happier and worthier.
Mindlance Tech’s service portfolio caters to products that empower the world of Networking, CPU/Serves, Communication, Automobile, Medical Instruments and Consumer Electronics.
Mindlance Tech’s vision is to be the most preferred consulting partner in VLSI & Embedded Design worldwide.

Mindlance Tech operates in ways best suited for its clients. It has the capabilities to engage in a wide range of models.
·         Turnkey Projects
·         SoW / Project Based Partnership (Onshore / Offshore)
·         Build Operate Transfer (BOT)
·         Offshore Development Center (ODC)
       Staff Augmentation


Architecture and Specification

Mindlance Tech can take full ownership of creating/ defining an IP/SoC/Systems architecture for a given requirement.
Mindlance Tech’s management has an extensive expertise in doing multiple architecture development of diverse products.
Mindlance Tech delivers the specifications for the RTL and verification team to kick start the development and supports the execution cycle to achieve the best TTM & PPA metrics.

Design & Verification
Mindlance Tech provides full spectrum of services in RTL Design & Verification in customer preferred tools and methodologies.
Mindlance Tech can also set up new development flows / processes or convert the existing ones to the current industry standard requirements.
In tandem with the specialized Design Implementation Services, Mindlance Tech's ASIC Design team of highly skilled engineers is capable of providing complete spectrum of services in chip design from spec-to-silicon.
Key Expertise
1.      Verification of complex ASICs and processor chips with ultra-low power requirements
2.      Module and full chip level verification with advanced verification techniques
3.      Verification of High-Speed DDRx Memory Controllers, High performance Bus-bridges, Debug Subsystems, Encryption Modules and 3G mobile full chips.
4.      Constrained Random Verification
5.      ARM/Processor based Verification
6.      Complete ownership from test-plan creation to closure
7.      Development of self-checking test bench environments using advanced methodologies like OVM/UVM.
8.      SoC integration verification using multiple languages like C and SV
9.      Formal verification of highly concurrent blocks like bus bridges and assertion based verification for checking complex memory protocols.
10.  Gate level simulations and generation of test vectors for post silicon validation
11.  Non-standard VIP development

Tools and Methodologies
HVL Based Methodologies: UVM, OVM, VMM
Verification Languages: System Verilog, SystemC
Formal Verification: Jasper

Networking, Mobile / IOT Platforms, High Speed Interfaces, Bus Protocols, Wireless LAN, Multimedia, Processor Sub Systems: ARM/MIPs/ARC

Design Implementation

Mindlance Tech provides complete solutions in RTL2GDS and tape-outs for various types of designs ranging from microprocessors to wide range of ASICs like telecom, networking, DSP and others.
Mindlance Tech has the expertise to handle any technology node including 14nm and lower.
 The key differentiating factors for Mindlance Tech are:
  • Flexibility in using any tool and flow from any EDA vendor: Mindlance Tech is equally comfortable in all industry standard tools from Cadence, Synopsys & Mentor
  • In-depth knowledge of design flows and methodologies
In tandem with the specialized Design & Verification Services, Mindlance Tech's ASIC Design team is capable of providing complete spectrum of services in chip design from spec-to-silicon.

Key Expertise
1.      14/16/20/28/45/65 nm Technologies with aggressive yield targets and complex iterations in CTS/routing
2.      Constraints Handling, Synthesis & STA
3.      Formal Equivalence & Lint
4.      Boundary Scan, Scan Chain and Memory BIST insertion, verification and ATPG vector generation
5.      Involvement in all stages of Design Implementation cycle such as Synthesis, DFT, STA, P&R, ECO flows with least disturbances, Reliability & Physical Verification signoff
6.      CPF/UPF enabled Physical Design flows
7.      RDL & IR Drop
8.      Post P&R Formal verification and ECO using Conformal LEC
9.      Flip chip bump placement, RDL Routing and power planning
10.  Chip Level & Package level Signal Integrity analysis

CAD Flows & EDA
Mindlance Tech provides various types of consultancies in diverse areas of CAD Flows & EDA, ranging from RTL to GDS flows, Custom Design Flows to Regression & QA, GUI development, and EDA Software Development & Validation.
  Analog Design, RF Layout & AMS
Analog Design
1.      Analog Circuit Design and Layout  (TSMC  28nm / 45nm)
2.      LVDS SERDES, DDR3, SAR  ADC design, test & debug
3.      Comparator, LDO regulator, Bandgap, DLL,
4.      Phase Interpolator, BIAS network and clock tree for SERDES, Charge Pump
5.      Development of AMS models
6.      High level AMS verification
RF Layout & Testing
1.      RF Layout (TSMC 28 nm / 45 nm)
2.      Compliance testing and debugging, IEEE 802.11, ETSI 51.010, IS136
Analog Mixed Signal (AMS)
1.      System Requirements Capture, Modeling & Analysis
2.      Digital for Analog Design
3.      Analog IP Design
4.      Analog Block Simulations & Verification
5.      Comprehensive AMS Chip Level Verification
6.      AMS SoC Architecture & Design
7.      Physical Design & Implementation
8.      Software for AMS Devices


           •       Bootloader
1.      uBoot, redboot, GRUB, blob, lilo etc. enhancements and customizations
       Boot-up using
1.      NAND flash, NOR flash
2.      Kernel, Application image boot-up
       OS Porting and Customization
1.      Porting OS [Kernel], Customization of root file system
2.      Board management and controller firmware [POST, Diagnostics]
        Firmware Development and Upgrades
1.      Secured upgrade, USB based upgrade, network based upgrade, SD card based upgrade, HDD based upgrade
       Device Drivers
1.      USB Host & Slave, SD/MMC, CD
2.      WiFi, 3G
3.      Sound, Display, Keypad, Touch Screen (Resistive and Capacitive)
4.      I2C, I2S, SPDIF, UART, Ethernet, SPI & GPU/IPU

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